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The realisation of this vision for the city and surrounding region is dependent on the continued success of the city of Exeter. Successful cities ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of their communities and act as a focus to jobs, leisure, culture and shopping. To stay successful, cities must have a clear plan for how they will respond to, and take advantage of, major changes in technology, social expectations and the environment.

Successful cities are people places. ‘Business as usual’ planning and development processes on their own will not be enough to ensure Exeter can achieve its potential and give all its citizens the chance to live the best possible lives. As the Liveable Exeter programme brings together the strands of the clear vision that the City has for the transformational change that is needed to benefit the people and businesses of the city. These strands include, commitment to becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030; becoming an active and accessible city; Exeter’s UNESCO City of Literature status and weaving culture into the heart of the city’s development and building 12,000 new homes for the city by 2040.

Liveable Exeter represents nothing less than an ambitious and long-term renewal of the city’s fabric to meet people’s needs for homes, jobs and services in the 21st century.

For more information about the City of Exeter's Vision for 2040, click here (PDF).


E. Howard, Garden Cities of Tomorrow (1898)

“A town, like a flower, or a tree, should, at each stage of its growth, possess unity and the effect of growth should never be to destroy that unity, but to give it greater purpose.”


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