Water Lane

Public consultation on the Liveable Water Lane Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is running until 4th December 2024. Go to https://waterlane.commonplace.is/ to find out more and have your say.


The vision for Water Lane is as an enterprising, self sustaining community, a place to work as well as to live close to city’s best loved assets. This will be a walkable place where day to day needs can be met without the use of a car. The opportunity is based around helping to deliver Exeter’s zero carbon future requiring a phased transition from large scale, single use retail and service industrial areas into a vibrant mixed use community.

Although planned as a new community, this site can bring significant improvement to surrounding neighbourhoods. They will open up better access to the valley parks, include new workspace, shops and schools and also seek to make major shifts in mobility to take pressure off busy road corridors.

- Homes: 1,567
- Shops, leisure etc: 4,115 sqm
- Work space: 6,397 sqm
- Other: Community space and primary school site