Liveable Water Lane

‘Water Lane’ is a strategic brownfield redevelopment area and one of the largest sites in the City Council’s Liveable Exeter initiative and the new Exeter Plan.

Water Lane provides an opportunity to create a new high-quality, low-car neighbourhood that reflects the site’s rich industrial and water-related heritage. It is an opportunity to develop community, cultural and sustainable travel facilities, with good access to jobs and effective links to the Valley Park. Any development on this site will need to respond to challenges including flood risk, restricted access, contamination and protecting the amenity of nearby residents.

Exeter City Council is consulting on a new planning document called the Liveable Water Lane Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). An SPD is a planning document that provides more detailed guidance on policies in a local plan. The draft SPD includes:

- A Vision for the future of Water Lane
- A Development Framework for Water Lane
- A Design Code for Water Lane

The SPD will be used by the City Council to help make decisions on planning applications for development at Water Lane.

The purpose of the SPD is to ensure that development proposals are co-ordinated across the area, well designed, supported by necessary infrastructure and achieve the Water Lane Vision.

The consultation is running from 23rd October until 4th December 2023. Visit to find out more and have your say.