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Liveable Exeter Place Board

Members of the Liveable Exeter Place Board met on 12th June and again on 25th September 2023. The agenda for both meetings focused on a review of the Liveable Exeter Place Board.

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The Exeter Plan and Liveable Exeter

Liveable Exeter, with its ambitious vision and dedication to ensuring quality of life and wellbeing, anchors the Exeter Plan.

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Liveable Water Lane

Exeter City Council is consulting on a new planning document called the Liveable Water Lane Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

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This Is Our City Event RoundUp

Liveable Exeter held the 'This Is Our City' community engagement event at RAMM on 20th July. Find out more about it here.

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Exeter High Street, at night. Brightly coloured umbrellas hang upside down between the buildings casting circular shadows on the ground.

This Is Our City

Liveable Exeter are inviting community leaders to the ‘This Is Our City’ speaker event at RAMM on 20 July. The event will encourage people within the city to enjoy the Brick by Brick exhibition, and most importantly, to have a say in the Exeter Plan.

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Artists impression of how a Liveable Exeter community might look. A woman crosses a pedestrianised street with her children towards a play area. People walk to shops, offices and homes. People cycle along tree lined streets.

Liveable Exeter wins new Garden Communities funding boost

Liveable Exeter has been awarded a further £250,000 from the government’s flagship Garden Communities programme.

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Close up of the Liveable Exeter Brick by Brick model showing a reading pod and greenspace

Brick by Brick

Liveable Exeter have been working in partnership with RAMM on their newest exhibition, Brick by Brick. Open from 18 June to 11 September, Brick by Brick explores a different point in Exeter’s vibrant history... all in LEGO® bricks! Watch the Romans take a bath, duck the erupting volcano in prehistoric Devon and join Liveable Exeter on a journey to the green, sustainable Exeter of the future.

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Trade and Exchange

Find out more about Trade and Exchange, an art commission helping to support cultural recovery in Exeter.

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Placemaking in a Post-Covid Landscape

As the city seeks to recover from the pandemic, what are the opportunities that development can bring to Exeter and how do we overcome the barriers to achieve quality outcomes for the city?

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Image of people cycling in Exeter city centre

Exeter: Economy and Placemaking

Liveable Exeter explores how the pandemic might have helped to shape the future of our city centre.

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A group of people enjoying green space

Green space in an urban setting

Access to green space is important to mental and physical health. Just how easy is it to fit it into our plans for developing sustainable urban communities?

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Picture of people enjoying cathedral yard

Liveable Exeter and Placemaking

If you’ve been following Liveable Exeter you may have noticed that we talk a lot about placemaking. In this week’s blog Project Director, Richard Marsh gives us his thoughts on placemaking and why it’s important in bringing to life the Liveable Exeter vision.

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Blend and Flex: The Future of Work in Exeter

In 2020 much of the UK’s office-based workforce had to adapt to working from home, absorbing not just the needs of their employers and businesses, but in many cases their families too. There may be no place like home, but is home the place for work?

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Exeter Quay

Liveable Exeter: A Garden City

Exeter was granted Garden City designation in 2019 and as such Liveable Exeter was born. Working in close collaboration with local architects and partners the programme will create new homes for the city guided by Garden City principles. These principles have all been built into the core of Exeter’s Vision for 2040.

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A couple cycling along the river

Active Travel

Urban communities which enable people to be active – as they travel for work and leisure – are at the heart of the Exeter’s ambitious and transformational plan for building 12,000 new homes fit for the 21st century. The Liveable Exeter goal is to build a sustainable city with 50% of people engaging in active travel, which focuses on walking and cycling, rather than travelling by private car.

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A couple walking through the city centre with Exeter Cathedral in the background


Liveable Exeter has evolved from a need to ensure that future growth supports health, well being and the environment, so the city and surrounding region continues to be an attractive location to live, work and visit. One of the key objectives of Liveable Exeter, as it embarks on a programme to create 12,000 new homes in sustainable neighbourhoods and communities, is to meet the city’s objective to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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Liveable sites

“By the time they are an adult, a child born in Exeter today will live in a city that is inclusive, healthy and sustainable.”

The Liveable Exeter Place Board

To help support the ambitions of Liveable Exeter, the Place Board has been established to bring together all organisations, public, private and voluntary, from across the city.

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The Liveable Exeter principles have been created to articulate what success will look like for the development of large-scale brownfield developments and associated infrastructure renewal projects in the city. Find out more about what this means, in this section.

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Cultural Compact

Culture plays a vital role in ensuring well-being is at the heart of a place. Find out more about Exeter's forward looking Cultural Strategy and Arts Council Cultural Compact.

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